Our Mission

Bethel exists to glorify God, point people to new life in Christ and help them follow Him as a way of life.

Our Values

God is Central
Every person is challenged and called to place God at the center of each aspect of their life.
The Gospel Permeates Life
Every person is challenged to place their faith and their motivation for godly living in the gospel.
The Bible is Foundational
Every person is grounded and built up through the teaching and proclamation of God’s Word.
The Home is Primary
Every believer’s home will be the primary training ground for discipleship.
Relationships are Transformational
Every person will be involved with other believers as a means of fostering transformational spiritual growth.
Training is Functional
Every believer is trained for ministry and service in the home, church and community.
Living is Missional
Every believer is trained and released to live and share Christ as a participant in God’s mission to reach the world with the Gospel.
Prayer is Essential
Every believer expresses dependence on God individually and corporately.
All are Welcome
Every person is welcomed, cared for and loved as a reflection of God’s love for the world.