The COVID-19 Risk Level for our church ministries is being raised to MODERATE. Positive cases are increasing in Ramsey and Benson County. And, there are a few people from within Bethel Church that have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past week. Those persons were NOT at Wednesday night programs. Close contacts have been contacted by the state. However, because of the close relationships within our church and community, we wanted to notify everyone as well, out of an abundance of precaution. 

If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, we recommend you be tested for COVID-19. We know there are allergies and colds this time of year, but please be tested.

At the MODERATE Risk Level:

Worship Service: Hybrid (In-Person and Online). Nursery will still be available. Please take all precautionary measures (if sick stay home, wash and sanitize hands frequently, don’t touch face, etc.). We recommend the elderly and those with underlying health conditions take extra precaution or join us online. For those joining us in-person, the wearing of masks and social distancing–though not “required”–are highly recommended.

Sunday School and Awana: No in-person programs. We will put these activities on hold at this time, hopefully for just a couple of weeks.

Underground Youth: Will gather however in a Social-distanced fashion and with masks.

If you have any Covid-19 related questions, contact the State Health Department Hotline, 1-866-207-2880.

If you have any church-related questions, contact Pastor Bryce by email or phone 701-662-3758, and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind! Let’s keep those in our church and community in prayer! Let’s love our neighbors and maintain the hope of Christ until His Glorious Return!

CARE: We are establishing Contact Trees to care for the physical and spiritual needs of one another during this time. Be in two-way communication. Stay Connected!
OUTREACH: We encourage you to communicate with friends, family, and neighbors during this time. Share and follow stories on our social media of sharing Christ in love and hope with others.
WORSHIP: We will be publishing a weekly Digital Liturgy to complement our music and livestream teaching. May your relationship with God grow through this time. 
REMEMBER: We ARE the church. The church gets to BE the church during this outbreak! Bethel is using this opportunity to improve its in-home disciple making  and its online ministry for adults, students, children & families. You are invited to participate and engage!
Head to our Online Resources page. Contact Us and our staff will do our best to serve you.


Do The Five

1 HANDS Wash them often 
2 ELBOW Cough into it
3 FACE Don’t touch it
4 SPACE Keep safe distance
5 HOME Stay if you can