As known COVID-19 cases increase in the Lake Region, we continue to monitor the situation as closely as possible. The intent is to continue with ministry and our church’s mission regardless of the challenges we have to overcome. Please continue to follow precautionary measures in your small groups and in our Sunday Worship. Should the risk level rise, we will consider implementing further measures, such as enforcing social distancing, requiring masks in large gatherings, offering multiple services, etc. We are planning for fall ministry and beyond and taking local and statewide guidance into account as we do so.
Feel free to contact Pastor Bryce ( with any ideas, questions, or concerns.

Check out this video where Pastor Bryce talks us through Phase 2.
CARE: We are establishing Contact Trees to care for the physical and spiritual needs of one another during this time. Be in two-way communication. Stay Connected!
OUTREACH: We encourage you to communicate with friends, family, and neighbors during this time. Share and follow stories on our social media of sharing Christ in love and hope with others.
WORSHIP: We will be publishing a weekly Digital Liturgy to complement our music and livestream teaching. May your relationship with God grow through this time. 
REMEMBER: We ARE the church. The church gets to BE the church during this outbreak! Bethel is using this opportunity to improve its in-home disciple making  and its online ministry for adults, students, children & families. You are invited to participate and engage!
Head to our Online Resources page. Contact Us and our staff will do our best to serve you.


Do The Five

1 HANDS Wash them often 
2 ELBOW Cough into it
3 FACE Don’t touch it
4 SPACE Keep safe distance
5 HOME Stay if you can