Slow down. Enjoy one another. Enjoy the gift of food. Pray. Worship God. Bless others. Experience the truth of the gospel the way Jesus so often did: over a meal.

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Are you experiencing God’s grace in your life and home every day? A simple, meaningful way to do so can begin at your kitchen table. Strengthen your relationship with God and one another by enjoying food, conversation, and God’s Grace together in a worshipful way. Improve your family meal times with us this summer, starting with one meal a week. This is a powerful way to be a disciple of Jesus and disciple others even amidst COVID-19.

Step 1:

Catch the Vision.

The idea behind a family dinner night is an intentional time together to experience the Grace of God, beginning with family and friends. Through food, conversation, prayer, Scripture, and other elements, you will feed not only your body but your soul.
The idea is not limited to evening meals. You can practice breakfast, lunch, brunch, supper, during the week or on the weekends. Also, it does not have to just be those you live with. Extend this family experience to include friends, neighbors, and others.
Watch Pastor Bryces video to learn more.

Step 2:

Plan a Weekly Meal.

Getting in a routine or regular rhythm is important. It provides stability and predictability. It allows others to more easily participate and anticipate. And, the more you eat meals like this, the more you will want to!
Scheduling and planning meals is important. Through it, you create a space for the Spirit of God to work.
During your meal time, include intentional conversation-which is more important than the food itself. Plan prayer, scripture, music, a reflection, sharing of stories, and other elements.

Step 3:

Be a Blessing.

Parents, this is a night to delight in the goodness and grace of God. Save the intense planning and disciplining for other times. Celebrate what is happening in one anothers life and enjoy the time together. 
Extend this time of blessing to others:
  • Encourage one another.
  • Pray for others.
  • Invite them to join you at your table.
  • Discuss together people and opportunities you can share and show the love of God to others in the week ahead.
Parents, you are the primary spiritual influence in your childrens life. Watch this short video from Pastor Bryce on this topic. 
Stay tuned for more resources! And let us know your thoughts, ideas, and questions. Looking forward to getting back to the basics with you as we grow together through this simple yet profound reality of spending time together over a meal. We are praying for you.