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Utilize this weekly Digital Liturgy to participate in weekly worship from your home.


Who Is My Neighbor? Grid
Learn the names of each individual in the 8 houses closest to you. Write them down on this Grid.
Emotional Wellness
Utilize this COVID-19 Crisis Navigation Tool to consider and pray through the various ways this crisis is impacting you.
Neighbor Letter
This is a sample letter you can use and deliver to your neighbors. Google Doc or PDF
RightNow Media Resources
Learn more and sign up for our Online Bible Study Library.
2020 Bible Reading Plan
Spend time reading God’s Word, chronologically through the New Testament with this Bible Reading Plan.
Prayer Guide
Use this Prayer Guide as you spend time with God in prayer.


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Bethel Underground

Word in Motion Podcast 
by Pastor Nathan

From James 1:23, this is a few minutes, looking at God’s word like a mirror, seeing something obvious and making a change.